Lowe’s Irritating “Free” Delivery

I love Lowe’s, really I do.  As faceless big box stores go, I have very few complaints.  Especially with my local Lowe’s, which is close, eternally clean, easy to move about, and quite friendly.  It strikes me as a well-run store.

So when my old dryer went belly-up after me keeping it going with duct tape and chewing gum, I headed straight to Lowe’s.  I knew that aside from finding a decent machine at a good price (plus I had a $25 project card), I could put it on a 6 month no-interest set up, get my old machine taken away (I realize I’m leaving some money on the table there), and get it delivered for free as well.  Like the ads say.  Like their trucks say.

But what actually happens is, they make you pay for the delivery up front, then give you a rebate form to fill-in.  I was mildly irked by this but nodded along, as Lowe’s has built up some goodwill credit with me through the years.  However, it doesn’t end there.

I go home and immediately fill out the paperwork, which is when I saw the fine print.  I’m not getting a check sent to me for $79, I’m getting a Visa debit card loaded with $79 sent to me.  That’s a deeper shade or irritation.  I paid cash for my free delivery, can’t you mail me the equivalent of cash?  Instead, I’m getting $79 of credit for all intents and purposes, albeit credit I can use damn near anywhere.  But that isn’t the point, because that $79 free delivery charge is still on my Lowe’s bill. 

Well, my “Lowe’s Free Delivery Reward Card” (I’m not kidding, it says that on the card) arrived today.  I immediately logged into my Lowe’s card account to see if I could apply the balance to my Lowe’s card, effectively giving me my free delivery.  Nope.  They only take bank transactions.  So I look for other useful ways to pay outstanding bills so that I’m not burning my $79.  Can’t apply it towards my other credit cards, either.  And almost all of my bills are automatically paid by my Amex, which I do to stockpile reward points.

So I suppose I’ll give this card to my wife and have her use it on her next grocery trip, since $79 is actually about our weekly average there.  I just want it going towards a necessary, routine payment, or something that makes me feel I’m getting my free delivery.  As for Lowe’s…I’ll still buy a big ticket item from them in the future, but I’m going to try to haggle the free delivery point better, now that I know the drill.



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18 responses to “Lowe’s Irritating “Free” Delivery

  1. Lowe’s “free delivery” sucks………Its just a ploy to get you to spend it on something else. Hopefully in their store. I may not be a big spender in their store (except for big items) but I will not darken their doors again. Free delivery should be just that and nothing else…………………T

  2. SBR&R

    They definitely know what they’re doing, seeing as a good percentage of rebates never get redeemed anyway. I will say that they turned mine around quickly, although I’m still not happy with the way they market it.

    I just made a point to take the card and use it at the grocery store, then make a payment to the Lowe’s card w/ the funds that otherwise would have been used on groceries. That way I at least ensure that I don’t “burn” the card on something I don’t need, and I can trick myself into thinking the delivery fee got paid.

    Eh, it’s all psychology.

  3. Lloyd Petteys

    I got a “Lowe’s Free Delivery Reward Card” when purchasing a washer. It’s a Visa Debit card – so it says on the front. The card was sent wih the wrong amount – I’m still awaiting the second card for $10.00 – a second card is the only choice, one cannot add to the available balance on the first card. I’ve successfully used the card once. I tried to use it at Lowes but didn’t know the exact balance remaining and the cashier couldn’t get it – so I said “never mind”. Having found out the exact amount left available on the card, I tried to use it last night at an Outback restaurant – it “wouldn’t work after multiple tries”. Tried to use it tonight at a different restaurant and there was only part of the total remaining balance available. Checking the website, I see that there are Authorizations still active with Outback which apparently have tied up the funds. My opinion is that “Free Delivery” is a false and deceptive term – this is basically a rip-off. Geting and using the card is such a hassle that many cards will never be used. Lowes and myprepaid.info both know this.

  4. Pam Williams

    I have one of these Lowe’s Free Delivery debit cards to reimburse me for delivery charges on appliances. As of this moment, I haven’t been able to activate it. I’m taking it back to Lowe’s to see what they intend to do about it.

    Also, I had to send the receipt twice since the first time I was told I did it inaccurately without the delivery amount…I didn’t.

    I really don’t like to get scammed!!!!!!

  5. Mary T

    Overall I like Lowes too. They have given me really good service, particularly as compared to “the other” store.

    But I’ve been having a very difficult time getting my “Reward Card” to work too. For some silly reason in order to get it to work, they require that you tell the cashier what the amount on it is at the register. And if you don’t get it right, they decline it! And if they set it for the wrong amount, then I’m really at a loss.

    The comments here have been helpful. I sure hope a trip to customer services can help me figure this out. I might just get cranky and start at a guess of $1 and run the cashier right up to $100! 8^)

  6. Housh Dez

    I purchased my washer in November, but got my card in January. Me too; I was surprised to get my rebate in the form of a Visa Debit Card. I used it successfully at a grocery store, but couldn’t use it at a gas station (because a zip code is required and mine wouldn’t be that!). I don’t know what balance is left on it!

  7. Pamela Jane

    I, too am very, very frustrated with Lowe’s. Over the past several years I have spend thousands of dollars at Lowe’s on appliances, etc. and have gotten screwed out of several rebates. The last one was for a dishwasher I purchased a few months ago. After waiting for my delivery rebate card for 2 months, I called and apparently they had no record of my mail-in despite the fact they emailed me a detailed record of it and when it was supposedly sent. They sent me into the store where I had to wait for an hour for the customer service person to call and have them re-send it. Well, lo and behold, today I received the card, and it is NOT for the $79, it has a balance of THREE WHOLE FREAKIN’ DOLLARS! This is a HUGE, HUGE scam and has caused a very sour taste in my mouth for Lowe’s. I am betting they are going to start losing customers over this.

    From now on I will be making my large purchases elsewhere, where I just get good service at a good price and no gimmicks!

  8. Louis Jahn

    Is this card a SCAM??????? We bought a dishwasher with the famous $79 delivery….bs…. We got the card 2 days AGO….
    Tonight, we went to a Japanese restaurant. Bill was $84.00. Told the waitress to charge $79 on my “LOWE’S Free Delivery Reward Card” and gave her $20 to cover the $5 + $15 tip.
    She came back and said in front of the whole table “I tried it twice and it was DECLINED!!!” For Pete’s sake….how can that be????? It is a brand new card for $79. I followed their freaking instructions, and I get…It’s DECLINED??????
    And then back home, I went on their http://www.myprepaid.info – site does not work!! Called the 800 # they are closed after 7:00 p.m. Central – recording tells me. Now I AM REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY F R E A K I N G
    I promise you that the freaking sh*t will hit the fan when I finally get a freaking answer from freaking Lowes. I am PISSED OFF TO NO ENDS.

  9. Anonymous

    Well, I guess if you use the $79 dollar card for your groceries then you can use the $79 in cash you would’ve spent there on your dumb lowe’s card payment! It was nice of them to give you free delivery and all you do is complain. Ignorant people is what makes our economy so crappy.

  10. Anonymous

    Oh, and just so the rest of you know since you all complain about this dumb card you can just wait for the card and keep up with your receipt. When the card comes take it back to the lowe’s store and get a refund/rebill. A refund will give you your cash and the rebill can just use your dumb card!

  11. Eric

    Well, get this. I went to activate my rewards card, only to find out it was only good for four months. After all the thousands of dolard I’ve spent at Lowes, the “free” delivery isn’t free anymore. I am so mad at Lowes, I could spit!! I’m going to Home Depot from now on.

  12. Catherine

    I agree with all preious comments only to add the appliances purchsed are trerrible and poorly made. So the deal yu get is really not a deal I am going back to Kenmore.

  13. Stephen

    I can’t read the “Customer Service” phone # to activate my debit card. It has been overstamped with the card numbers. Does anyone know the phone # to call?

  14. Barry

    @Stephen – 800-733-7152

    Fat lot of good it will do you. They are no help.

    The Expire Date a big fat ripoff. If I have a credit balance on any other bank credit card and the card expires – they send me a check or hold the balance until I reactivate.

    These chumps just tell you to pound sand – no reissues. Sorrrrrrryyyyy!

    Hey – I’m in the biz and know all about “breakage” on the redemption side of rebates and offers. But who heard of 4 months!

    My fault for not reading every little dot & cross on the Ts & Cs but I thought it was Lowe’s gift card and waited until I needed something at Lowes. Had I realized it was just plain old cash to be spent anywhere, I would have been done with it the day I got it!

    I jumped ship from Home Depot to Lowes eight years ago because I didn’t like the dirty and poorly lit store. So much for eight years of customer allegience. Just wish I didn’t have to go 10 miles out of my way to get to Home Depot.

  15. Barry

    Well I am happy to report that I was able to get my reward card re-issued.

    I called Lowe’s customer care and explained the situation. Evidently they contacted the rebate/gift card administrator and asked to have it re-issued.

    I got a terse note from a Young-America Customer service representative. Here is the text:

    “Thank you for contacting us, we have replaced expired Visa card, $59.00, this is done on a one time basis, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.”

    Like I would be dumb enough (again) to allow the new card to expire (again).

    So – I retract my negativity towards Lowes. Between this event and a very nice customer service rep at my local store who helped me out with a warranty receipt yesterday, they have earned my business back.

    BUT – shame on Young-America (and to some extent Lowes for complicity) for running a credit card redemption program designed to explicitly induce a high breakage level based on what in the industry would be considered “abusive” terms for redemption.

    Good luck future readers who find this site when googling “lowes free delivery reward card” – no doubt you are too having problems and are now reading this.

  16. Carole Yuille

    I can’t get a reading on my American Express Gift Card as to how much is left on the Americand Express gift card. I tried the phone, they hungup–tried the computer and could’t figure out how to get an answer as the expiration date is l1/13– only went to 12. How else can I find out how much is left on this card? Please reply.

    P.S. I would ditch this was of payment – too many people are really upset.

  17. 4mths what a scam. I put the card in my wallet and forgot it was there. I pulled it out to use it a few months later and was told it had expired. Lowe’s ripped me off for $79.00! I should have bought my appliances at Home Depot, the rebate is immediate. I now paid $79.00 too much for a crappy low end dishwasher. In the future I will not purchase appliances at sLowe’s. When I called “customer service” they told me they could not re-issue an expired card. So much for customer service…

  18. J smoltz


    My card was 5 months expired. I called cust service on the back of the card and was told I could not have it replaced. At that point I informed the cust service rep that the last name was spelled incorrectly and that it wouldn’t even be legal for me to sign the back of the card, and I also didn’t want to get into any legal trouble by using a card that had someone else’s name on it. Immediately she said, no problem I will do a one time reissue.

    One letter was off, my suggestion for getting a replacement is telling them they spelled your last name wrong.

    The cust service rep saved me alot of time as I was going to be calling Lowe’s cust service reps and visiting my store as well if she stuck with her “I can’t do it” attitude. They can do it, they just need a valid reason.

    Being they work for Lowes as a card issuing company my next step would have been to explain to her that I would be letting Lowe’s corperate know (in writing) that I was issued a card in someone else’s name and was denied a replacement. A bluff but perhaps it would help.

    Good luck to all seeking what Lowes promised you.

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