An Intersection of Personal Finance and Music

Since I broached the topic in the last post, I’ve hit upon a curious experiment.  Everybody has their fair share of bad music investments, albums that almost immediately upon buying you realized were a mistake, that have contributed nothing to your life, and that have sat unheard collecting dust since a few weeks after purchase.

What I’d be curious to know is, how much am I actually out in terms of net worth due to these purchases?  I have a near-freakish memory for dates, and in most cases should be able to remember roughly what I paid for each.  So as I review each bad music investment, I’ll calculate what I’d have today if instead of buying that album I’d invested the ten or twelve bucks.  For the purpose of the experiment I’ll assume a plausible 7% annual return (of course, when I bought the record would influence actual returns, but I don’t have that sort of free time). 

I’ll find a place on the side bar or somewhere to keep a running tally of the money I don’t have due to these unfortunate beer coasters of records.

Update:  I’ll be keeping the official tally below, and this post can be found over here under the “Within SB&R&R” section. 

Bad Brains, Rise: $20.63

Total thus far: $20.63


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