Bad Brains — Rise

Okay, so here’s an easy starting point for bad music investments.  Not only should I not still own this album, or ever have bought it in the first place, Rise shouldn’t even exist.  It just shouldn’t be.  Original lead singer HR was gone, as was the drummer, and the remaining parts decided to carry on and put out an album that is Bad Brains in name only.  What resulted was a poor imitation of some of Fishbone’s weaker albums.

Fortunately I bought it used in early 1994 and only paid $8, but I knew inside of 20 minutes it was a mistake.  Sometimes when you buy a bad album you try to convince yourself otherwise, and I must have tried this for a week or so to no avail.  And I know how this happened — Bad Brains was playing, I was going to see them, and figured I should pick up the album they were touring behind and learn the material. 

So what’s the real cost of this purchase?  $20.63 if I’d invested the eight bucks in 1994.


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