Money Drain Plugged — DVDs

I don’t believe in spending money on a home DVD collection.  I actually figured this out a few years ago, looking over the DVD’s I did have (40 or so) and realizing that I hadn’t watched at least half of them in the prior two years.  From that I gleaned that it wasn’t a sensible thing to spend money on.

From there my opinion has galvanized even further.  A recurring theme of mine is that one reason my generation (X, as they like to call us) has trouble saving money is because we have entire categories of expenses that our parents and grandparents didn’t have.   Most of these aren’t necessities, and some aren’t even particularly worthwhile, but we seem to choose to take them on.  Much of it is lifestyle inflation.

Some are balanced out against other expenses.  We have cell phone bills, but that’s probably a wash against the exhorbitant long distance rates of 30 years ago.  But the home video collection has no equal.  So what finally occurred to me is that I didn’t grow up with a house full of movies (we didn’t even get a VCR until I was 12, and hardly anyone bought movies in those days before “priced-to-own”), and probably don’t need one now.  Especially in the Netflix era.

Those 40 or so DVD’s probably ran me around a cool grand, when you consider I was an early adopter to the format (another money habit I’ve since broken).  I have friends with entire walls of movies — they could easily have shelled out three to four thousand bucks over the course of time, even assuming some of their purchases were used or bargain bin.  I just can’t justify that. 

On a side note, I don’t plan on my kids growing up with a kiddie DVD library, either.  I’m sure this will make me very popular.


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