Food Costs II — Dining Out

There is a silver lining to my below grocery lament.  Yodlee tells me that my average Dining Out tally comes in just over $100/month.  That’s not bad considering we’ve made two trips to visit family in the last six months. 

The usual pattern is my wife and I going out to dinner by ourselves (or with the young’un) once a month, meeting up with friends in town for dinner once a month, and dining with out-of-town friends once monthly.  Round it out with maybe two lazy dinners and, to our chagrin, there might be a late-night dessert lapse to be found as well.

I’m pretty thrilled by the usage on the whole (milkshakes aside).  As parents of an almost two year-old, we don’t exactly get out a lot.  But I’m happy that the bulk of our dining out money concerns either a rare night alone or socializing with friends.  Most of the “lazy” dinners centered around the necessities of time constraints.

I’m a firm believer that my generation is way too reliant on fast food, take-out, and prepared foods.  Living in a college town it seems to be worse, for various reasons.  The fact is, I know plenty of people that eat out as often as they cook (some more), and don’t seem to recognize the real costs or view it as a problem from either a money or health standpoint.

Maybe part of the reason my grocery costs seem high is because we eat such a high percentage of our meals at home?


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