Inner Monologue Failure

Don’t drink bottled water.  Seriously.  It’s a stupid thing to spend money on.  I’m well aware it’s bad for the environment as well, but it’s honestly such a dumb way to spend money that I can’t even make it to that argument.

Buy a bottle.  Put water in the bottle.  Just don’t buy bottles that already have water in them.  I just can’t imagine a legitimate reason to ever buy bottled water.  And buying it wholesale by the case doesn’t make it any better — you’re still buying single servings of water.

And buying flavored water or water with vitamins in it is even worse, as you’re probably paying even more for basically sugar.  I’m fully aware that this sounds unnecessarily harsh, but I can’t stress enough that what we’re talking about here is spending upwards of a dollar or more, presumably a dollar you worked hard for, on the same thing that comes out of your tap.


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