$120 Phone Call (the good kind)

One of the saving tips that pops up consistently in magazines and blogs is the “haggle or ask for a discount” rule.  Admittedly, this is the sort of thing most of us are just not prone to doing — the whole confrontation thing, I suppose.

The argument has always been, “It doesn’t hurt to ask,” and I’ve finally started getting pretty good about this.  I’ve been a very happy DirecTV customer for about six years now, enough so that they turned a thank-you email of mine into a commercial some years back — a future post, for sure.  But I still figured it wouldn’t hurt to call up and see what I could do.

So what I did was throw my wife under the bus, claiming that she wanted to move back to cable and was their anything they could do to help me convince my wife otherwise.  After a pitch about free premium channels for a duration of time (which I told them I had no use for in the post-Sopranos landscape), I got a few seconds of keyboard tapping in the background.  Then he came back with $10/month off my bill for the next year.  Sold!

So by just picking up the phone and asking, I’m saving $120.  Couple that with a $50 referral credit I received when my in-laws signed up for DirecTV, and my Sunday Ticket is basically paid for this year.  Nice.

I’ve never heard of anybody having the same luck trying to work with their local cable monopoly.  Please correct me if that’s not the case, but that’s one of many reasons I ditched our cable outfit to begin with.


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