An Actual Thing You Can Buy — Orbit Stroller

When you have a baby, a host of previously non-existent needs show up on your radar.  Some are recurring (diapers), others are one-offs.  You’ll find that most of these needs present you with options that range from budget-minded to sensible middle ground to you-gotta-be-kidding-me.  Admittedly, I had a tendency at first to be skeptical of even reasonable parenthood startup costs, and had to rely on my wife to steer me back to the center.  My son has her to thank for not wearing burlap sacks in lieu of clothing.

So in the vein of my earlier post where I opined that in a sane world of savvy consumers there would be no demand for DVDs of Perfect Strangers, behold the Orbit Stroller.

The Orbit stroller’s website has the look and feel of an automaker.  And you could certainly find 4 cheaper wheels on most used car lots.  Once you get past the flowery intro page you get to view the Orbit line in all its $900 glory.

Yup, a stroller that nears four digits after tax.  Probably over with accessories.  What does the Orbit do for $900, besides tote the sort of jackass-in-training that naturally occurs when a child has parents that would spend that sort of money on a stroller?  Well, you can put your child in it.  And stroll your child in it.  Much like my Accord-esque Graco from Target, only at 10 times the cost.  Maybe I just don’t get it.

But wait!  Perhaps the overhyped safety and comfort features of the plain Orbit don’t sate your need for overbearing self-righteousness.  Then take a gander at the Orbit Green Edition, which features organic materials and oh my god I can’t look at it anymore.

If anyone can make an ironclad case on behalf of this thing, I’m all ears.  Fire away.



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