The downside of my iPod

I love my iPod, really I do.  In many ways it’s become like a family member, equal in stature to at least one of our second-tier pets (we have a very defined class system in our house).  But…

One problem I’ve noticed in the threeish years since I received my iPod (thanks again to the wife) is that I’m a lot more prone to listen to the playlists I’ve meticulously crafted and much less prone to just listen to an album, which often is how music should be heard.  Part of this is the laziness factor of navigating an iPod with a lot of music on it.  Granted, much of this was the appeal of an iPod to begin with — the ability to create my own radio stations, so to speak.

So that’s been a cool little side effect of the review project, forcing me to go back and listen to albums as albums.  I’m also realizing that I have a lot of good music that for whatever reason I still haven’t loaded onto my iPod, so here’s a chance to rectify that as well.

About that iPod.  I have a first-gen video iPod, which came out in October (I think?) of 2005.  That probably puts me right in the middle of the curve, well after the early adopters.  I learned from my $300 DVD player purchase in 1999 to no longer be an early adopter of technology.  The upside to waiting here was that with Apple, they typically don’t lower prices, they just add functionality — in this case, the video.  So no money saved, but more features and memory than the early adopters.

Of course, I never use the video.  Like how I worked a thin personal finance thought into this post?  Ha!  I will find a way to make the bizarre format of this blog work!

Seriously, though — comments and emails.  I get so lonely.


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