Net Worth Update

Our net worth crossed the $59,000 mark for the first time yesterday, clocking in at….$59,001.17.  Heh.

Of course, paying the mortgage today will knock that back down, as will other day-to-day expenses, but I did think it noteworthy.  During a given pay period our net worth fluctuates anywhere from $1500 to $2500, depending on what sort of bills are due and how the market it performing.  And while I don’t get hung up on where it is at any given time, I have noticed that both its floor and ceiling seem to be inching upwards each month, which is nice given the direction of the market of late. 

As a point of reference, three years ago I couldn’t even tell you how to calculate such a thing, but in retrospect I think now it couldn’t have been more than $20K.  Yea, us!


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