An Actual Thing you Can Buy — Rental Purses

Admittedly, I’m not what you consider a “status” guy.  I believe in sensible cars, sensible clothes, and try my very best to eschew what is typically called conspicuous consumption.  I’m fortunate enough to have married a woman who feels likewise in most endeavors, and as such she doesn’t fit the target demographic of this product.  But it was her that tipped me off to the mind-bogglingly idiotic accessory rental service Bag, Borrow, or Steal.  Ponder the awfulness of the name momentarily and come to grips with the fact that it only gets worse.

Can't afford to buy this purse?  Then you really can't afford to rent it.

Can't afford to buy this purse? Then you really can't afford to rent it.

 Okay, here goes.  Bag, Borrow, or Steal is in the business of renting designer handbags and accessories to any asshole person vapid enough to either feel a need for or maybe get high from showing off expensive designer labels. 

I’ll try that another way:  They rent purses.  Fine.  How much can it cost to rent a schmancy handbag?  Upwards of $100 bucks per week, or nearing $300 for the month.  Keep in mind that at that price, you have to return it.  Which shouldn’t be a problem, since taking Bag, Borrow, or Steal up on their offer will leave you with no money to require a purse.

Hey, I don’t know how much a Fendi purse or Louis Vuitton purse costs.  I had to look up the spellings.  I’m not even sure if they like me calling them purses — I kind of hope they don’t, as I’m using the word pejoratively.  And it isn’t because I’m a guy.  It’s for the same reason I don’t know how much a Gucci suit costs:  because I don’t roll that way. 

Under the website’s FAQ is the question, “I don’t have a printer.  How do I generate a shipping label?”  Um, lady…go buy yourself a printer before you shell out hundreds of dollars for a week’s worth of someone else’s overpriced crap.


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