Ten Wasted Dollars

Sooo…I just went to Taco Bell.  At 9:30 on a Sunday night.  At my wife’s behest, but admittedly I was rather complicit in it as well.

Taco Bell happens in our house once a year, because Taco Bell is disgusting and I usually feel mildly trashy afterwards.  But even dumber is how it happens, which invariably entails a drive for the singular purpose of Taco Bell (15 minutes round trip), and usually not even to satisfy a specific meal.  We had a perfectly good dinner — homemade tomato sauce from the garden.

Ten bucks at Taco Bell.  You know how much food you can get at Taco Bell for ten dollars?  A ridiculous amount of food.  I tried to rationlize it by considering it necessary consolation for a tough Saints loss, but that’s a cop-out.  I’m a grown adult and I just drove out of my way for Taco Bell.


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