The Most Irritating Thing…

..about our weak fast food moment yesterday is that after a long weekend of watching football, the entire transaction was no doubt precipitated by an onslaught of Taco Bell commercials.  We like to consider ourselves fairly immune to advertising, but we actually had a direct-response reaction to Adam Corrola.

Which is funny when you consider that my comment to my wife upon initially seeing this ad campaign was, “Hadn’t we as a society already made the informed decision that we were done with Adam Corrola?”

In quasi-related news, DirecTV announced last week a continued relationship with TiVo, including a new HD TiVo box to debut sometime next year, right around when we’ll be switching to HD probably.  For devotees of both services such as myself, this is huge news, as I didn’t want to migrate to a DirecTV DVR.  Now I just need to better utilize my existing TiVo so that I don’t absorb as many ads while watching football real-time.


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