All Eyes Towards St. Louis

And now our attention turns to the lone VP debate on Thursday, if you still believe one will occur.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but based on what we’ve seen I can’t imagine the McCain camp wants Palin to take the stage against Biden, whose only concern at this point is that he buries her too deep.

Harsh?  Here’s what I noticed from the debate Friday:  Regardless of who you felt to be the victor, there was no denying that it was a good debate between two men who know their stuff and can effectively communicate their positions in an unrehearsed, high-pressure environment.  If you dropped Joe Biden onto that stage, the level of discourse would have remained the same, if not taken a notch higher.  For lack of a better word, Joe knows his shit.

Now put Sarah Palin on that stage with the three of them, based on what you’ve seen from the three interviews we’ve seen thus far.  There is no sane or objective argument to be made that she could hold her own with the other particulars of this race in an unscripted setting.  She’d have been torn apart, and based on prior performances would have been her own worst enemy to boot. 

I’m the first to admit an inclination towards Mr. Biden.  I’m rather looking forward to Thursday.


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