An Actual Thing You Can Buy: Sliced Apples

I’ll keep this one short, kids.  Staring at me this morning from the Sunday grocery circular was a plastic bag that contained apples, pre-sliced for your convenience.  $2.50 for about 10 ounces of appley goodness — this being the sale price.

Are you bad with both knives and money?
Are you bad with both knives and money?

Hey, maybe you can’t bring yourself to take a knife to an apple and would prefer the gory mess be handled by some factory worker with a stronger stomach for such things.  I suppose it’s also possible you had mono in the 10th grade and never got caught up in Geometry, leaving you woefully inefficient in determining the best way to go about sectioning one up on your own.  Who am I to judge?

I intentionally went with a photo from the organic line;  fear not, they make ’em in regular as well.  It’s just that I couldn’t imagine a person that would be so concerned about what went into their apple, but wouldn’t balk at the idea of them spending time on an assembly line on their way to being wastefully packaged, and likely given a dose of some form of preservative.

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