Whatcha Readin’?

I’ve long been a fan of magazines, and am surprised by how often I see cutting your subscriptions among money-saving tips.  I consider a few magazine subscriptions to be part of a healthy news and information diet, and it’s just not something I’m willing to forego.  I realize that most of the content can be found online, but I like the simple pleasure of lounging on the couch with a periodical.  But for the sake of argument, how much am I spending yearly for this splurge?

After years of reading Newsweek, I switched to Time back in ’06.  My wife tells me we’re paying about $20 a year for Time.  I also subscribe to Money, which I’m told we just re-upped for $35.  Recently we began a subscription to Smithsonian, mainly because it was $12 and we thought it would make us look smart.  My wife gets Southern Living for about $25, which has its uses, and on a bad month at least has numerous pictures of pie. 

So for less than $100 we get a steady stream of news and informational fiber.  I used to get Sports Illustrated but honestly, I absorb so much sports news through other avenues that it just wasn’t doing it for me.  We also recently didn’t renew Cook’s Illustrated, which is a wonderful magazine but was rather pricey for a bi-monthly.  I’m considering a subscription to the Atlantic, based on the excellent stable of writers they feature on their website.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, though.  Instead of renewing, it can be a lot cheaper to just let your subscription run out and then sign-up again online.  For example, we blew it by paying $35 to renew Money — you can sign up new for $15.



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2 responses to “Whatcha Readin’?

  1. sonyacardiff

    Cooks Illustrated is a wonderful magazine, but as you mention, pricey. Instead, we subscribe to CI online for about $4/month and have access to all the recipes in their archive, as well as the articles with tips and comparisons. A much better bargain.

  2. SBR&R

    I should look into that. I actually worked for the company that first designed their website back around the turn of the century. Maybe I could ask for a discount? The other thing I’m considering doing here is floating the thought of a CI subscription out to people as a gift idea for us.

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