The Credit Crisis in Real Time

Just curious, and an informal and highly unscientific survey here:  has anybody else noticed a steep decline or complete shutdown of credit card offers in the mail over, say, the last week or so?  I probably averaged about four or five a week, but they’ve dried up entirely.  Granted, small sample period.

I’m curious to see what other credit offers stop appearing.  I used to get the following pretty regularly:

  • HELOC’s or home equity loans — several month from multiple sources
  • Offers to “skip” a payment on my car loan.  I get them every other month but I’d imagine this will stop for awhile.
  • Pre-approved car loan offers.  A few a month.  Would love to see them disappear.
  • No interest/no payment for umpteen year offers from retailers.  Lowe’s and Best Buy in particular.  I bet these keep coming, as too much of their business model depends on big-ticket purchases.

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